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Press Release: October 05, 2011

by Somali American Community Association and Save Somalia: Humanitarian and Refugee Awareness Campaign

Somali Americans mourn the death of students and civil servants caused by al-Shabab, an al-Qaida linked terrorist group, in Somalia.

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SACA staff volunteer, Mohamed Abukar, is the first known Somali American to serve the Peace Corps and to be a White House Intern.


A Report on African Immigrants in the United States (click here)


US Government Guidance for NGOs Working in Somalia (click here)

Many national and international reports indicate that approximately 11 million people in the Horn of Africa are experiencing famine, particularly in Somalia. Nearly four million Somalis, half of the entire population, are suffering from hunger and malnutrition and are in dire need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

Of these 4 million, nearly one million are children. Many people, particularly children and the elderly, are dying en route to refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia.

In addition to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia, there are over one million Somali refugees in Kenya and Ethiopia alone. These refugees are living in overcrowded and inadequate conditions. Despite these crises, news media are not covering these crises and there is a global silence on this staggering suffering.

We request the international community to:

Airlift people who are dying en route to camps in  Kenya and Ethiopia

Establish camps within Somalia

Sponsor or support increased emergency food aid  assistance in Somalia.

Sponsor or support the development of a plan to provide protection and assistance to refugees in Kenya and Yemen, and internally displaced people in Somalia.

Sponsor or support the development of a comprehensive strategy that deals with the full range of humanitarian and refugee crisis facing Somalia.