SOMALI NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)

Working together to end famine and humanitarian crisis in Somalia

The Somali American Community Association (SACA) is facilitating the establishment of a coalition of Somali NGOs based in the United States and registered with the Internal Revenue Services. These NGOs are expanding their feeding centers and clinics and have shown the capacity to penetrate into small villages that other international agencies are not going.

US Government Guidance for NGOs Working in Somalia (click here)

SACA regularly communicates with leaders of these NGOs to learn about the situation on the ground, the barriers to delivering aid to the intended victims of the famine, the extent of the problem, and how the Somali Diaspora can support their programs.

This is the initial list of Somali NGOs and more will be included in the coming few days:

Aadamiga USA
Manages a feeding center and primary school in Arbow Yaroow in lower Shabelle and assists a feeding center in Mogadishu .

Please click here to learn more about them.

Adar Foundation
Manages elementary school, feeding centers, and educational programs for women.

Please click here to learn more about them.

Amoud Foundation
Manages Amoud University, health clinics, feeding centers, and training programs, to mention a few.

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